Coming together is a beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success.

-Henry Ford

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Our xtra for you


Battlegroup XTRA is more then just a group of people who play some games together. We are a Team. Friendly respectful and mature. We fight as one. Like us? Join Us!


Join our Community of like minded people. Find new allies to fight side by side against your enemies, or just hang out and talk about the weather. we won't judge.


We will provide you in the Future with our Servers. More information will come soon. in the meantime you can give some feedback in the Forum what kind of servers you would like to see.

International Community

Our community has members all over the globe. We have people from Great Britain, USA, Germany, Switzerland and some more. If you think we are missing a country, then join us and be the first one.


Soon we will cover you here with some Tutorials about our Favorite games and other great Topics. Their we will teach you the Basics and some Tips&Tricks you probably did not know.

Love for the Game

We all love games. For us, nothing is more exiting like a new story or a great fight. Join our Community, tell us about yourself and share your greatest moments with us.

This is who we are


Respect is a key component in our team. We treat everyone with respect and expect the same from everybody else.


We rely on true teamwork and real tactics rather than on one-man-armies. If you want someone to trust in a hot situation, then you are at the right spot. Lets archive a greater goal together.


Not just girls want to have fun, so do we all. Have some humor and we're all in for a good time and have more fun, than those girls...

We fight as one
Want to join? Feel free to contact us.

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