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    We are pleased to announce that on September 22th, 2014 a new season of the 88th Infantry Tournament in CTF mode will begin.


    The novelty of this year is that teams will fight 6 vs 6 and each team may register a maximum of 8 players.

    Thanks to the sponsorship of this edition through MIONIX, we can offer the following awards to the first classified:

    • – 8* Professional Gaming Mouse MIONIX NAOS 3200
    • – + bundle surprise courtesy of MIONIX
    *one for each registered player

    Sign up now and register your team BEFORE September 19th, 2014!. For more information please visit the tournament forum.

    Downlaod Official Tournament Map Pack: Available September 1st!

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    88th Infantry Tournament 2009-2014Where the challenge begins
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    Thanks for the invitation! At this time i am not sure if we will be able to get a team of 6/8 together for a game. We have to count the available heads of willing -=XTRA=-Members that would like- and are able to partisipate in this event at the set times? So i would like all memers to drop a note in this topic or on my email if you think this is something for you! And please do so before sep.1, good games!

    We partisipated in the Arma2 version of this event a few years ago with experts and beginning players alike. It was great fun and a good change from the COOP-style game we usually play here on -=XTRA=-. There were some cheaters on the other teams that ruined some games wich should always be properly delpth with ofcource but if we can do that in a professional way i see no reason why not to try this again?

    Be there or be elsewere!

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    looks fun – we’d need good advance warning of the dates, and a thorough week or two of play testing the map/missions to see how they work and how to tactically manage the terrain etc… could be great fun. GITS guys are all CTF veterans from CODUO too…

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    Hi guys,
    i remeber the game vs you Larsiano!

    Hope see you again, but this time in our tournament. Please, se the tournamentforum or contact me if you need more info.

    Thanks for your fast feedback.


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    I came back to your forums to communicate the launch of the official maps for the Tournament. They can be downloaded through the following link:

    Download link: [88IT] CTF – Official 88th Infantry Tournament Maps 2014 [36.2MB]

    These will be the maps to be used during the Tournament unless stated otherwise by the Organization. We have created a special forum where you can report any bug you find so we can fix them before the Tournament. We would also like to provide you with some interesting links for the Tournament:

    Forum: Support & Bugs
    Forum: Team inscription
    Forum: Tournament Rules
    Forum: About the Season

    We have recently presented the CTF templates you will find in the maps to Make Arma Not War contest by Bohemia Interactive, and we would ask for your help voting it. In order to do so you only have to access the website of the contest and vote for us using the option “SUPPORT”.


    Finally, you can take a look to a video of the new spectator mode you will find in the maps, called TrackingCam, that will allow you to broadcast the games from different angles, and that would allow the Organization to supervise no cheats of bugs are used.


    88th Infantry Tournament 2009-2014Where the challenge begins
    Powered by MIONIX

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    I came a last time to your forum to announce that the tournament will begin next week. Inscriptions will end on September 19th, Friday, at 24:00 GMT+1 (CET). From that date onwards it will be forbidden to make any change in the teams or enrol new players.

    On the 20th, a raffle will be made to establish the different groups, and once published, teams will be able to challenge each other through the official Tournament forum.

    Forum: READ – Official Calendar

    I also want to announce that the last version of the official maps (v2.24), with which the Tournament will take place, is available to download. We recommend you delete the previous version from your servers.

    Downlad Link: Available September 18th. Visit our fourm for downloading!

    We have been working very hard to improve the code in the maps so they are as competitive as possible. I remind you to report to us any problem you find through our forums.

    Forum: Support & Bugs

    I would like to remind you that before any match you can ask for an overseer to supervise the match through TrackingCAM, so to guarantee a fair fight, or simply to broadcast the match. Here you have the rules regarding streaming and supervising:

    2.6.6. Each map has 4 civilian slots (two for each team) that can be used in the following scenarios:
    – Under request of any team, the Organization can supervise the match to control the misuse of bugs.
    – A team can request a member of a different team (preferably Manager or Captain) to supervise the match. In that case the overseer must be in the TS3 server of the rival team or the Organization’s to avoid any problem (they must have the microphone enabled and be available).
    – To live-stream the match. A (minimum of) 5-minute delay must be applied in the broadcast.
    2.6.7. If a team requests the supervision of a match through TrackingCAM, the rival team cannot reject the proposition. If the request is for the bradcasting of the match through the Internet, the opposing team can deny the request and that option would be discarded.

    The teams inscribed up to date are:

    – 88th Co.”Walking Death” Z3Ro
    – [FUSION]
    – United Nation Army I
    – RFPartizans
    – Red Mosquitoes
    – United Natios Army II
    – Polite Engagment
    – German Nato Corps
    – UTERUS
    – Armée de l’ombre

    An important point to take into account will be that all the games must be played at the official tournament servers. Servers ceded by the United Nations Army team – http://www.united-nations-army.eu

    – 88th Infantry Tournament – Server 1
    – 88th Infantry Tournament – Server 2
    – 88th Infantry Tournament – Server 3
    – 88th Infantry Tournament – Server 4
    – 88th Infantry Tournament – Server 5

    We expect a fair and respectful time during the tournament, since that is the spirit we want this tournament to have.


    88th Infantry Tournament 2009-2014 – Where the challenge begins
    Powered by MIONIX

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    It is a pleasure to announce that on the 1st of September 2015 the first edition of the Electronic Sports Masters™: World League 2015 will begin. It is a PvP e-Sports championship
    of international nature for the game Armed Assault 3 in its CTF game mode.

    The Electronic Sports Masters™ (ESM) arises from the necessity of hosting and offering the international community of e-Sports of Armed Assault 3 a place in which they can share and, of course, compete at the highest level, with quality, compromise and seriousness standards, thanks to the good practice of all our collaborators. The official language will be English, although there will be different sections for different languages with the aim of promoting participation of the Arma 3 community.


    With all this we aim to complement and, why not, expand, the current offer of events that up to now was oriented exclusively to big MilSim groups.

    If you are interested in collaborating with us, please write an email to info@esportsmasters.org with these data:

    – Name/Surname:
    – Birth date:
    – Place of origin:
    – Mother language:
    – Other languages (written and spoken level):
    – Tools/apps of interest for the ESM:
    – How would you collaborate? :

    · Forum moderator
    · Arma 3 missions editor
    · Writer (News)
    · Event master
    · Webmaster
    · Art/illustrator/graphic artist

    – Why are you interested in collaborating with us?

    Chat room – Skirmish Games

    A. What is Skirmish Games?

    With this name you will find non-official games (official ones will be managed through the forums to have a track of events) organized on-the-go though our chat.

    ESM_Skirmish games_.png

    B. What is the objective?

    To offer a meeting point where people can organize on-the-go games easily and quickly.

    C. How does it work?

    The first thing to do is sign up in our website to be able to access the chat. Once you are logged in you can leave a message in the general lobby with the following information and format:

    – Game mode/ map / number of players / Server (yes/no) / level of your team (low/average/high)
    – Example: CTF / Gravia / 8 / yes / average

    People who are in that moment in the chat and see your message can contact you directly through a private chat to be able to negotiate and play the game.

    For more information, please visit our website http://www.esportsmasters.org. Join now and enroll your team BEFORE Sunday the 1st of September 2015!

    – Team registration: ESM: A-Series World League 2015 CTF team inscription
    – Download maps: Coming soon
    – League Rules: ESM: A-Series World League 2015 CTF rules

    Follow us:
    Twitter – @ESM_Info
    Steam – ESM_Info
    BIS – Electronic Sports Masters™


    Electronic Sports Masters™ – Since 2015. Where the challenge begins …

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    Hello, as we already announced the 14th of September will begin the first edition of the Electronic Sports Masters™ | A-Series CTF World League 2015 with the game Arma 3.

    Main characteristics of th Electronic Sports Masters™ | A-Series CTF World League 2015

    ✓ FREE enrolment!
    ✓ Any team that fulfils the minimum requirements for an event can join.
    ✓ The number of participants is not fixes, but may be restricted.
    ✓ Teams can play with up to 8 players if both teams reach an agreement
    ✓ The local team selects the map that will be played
    ✓ … and much more


    As today the following teams have entered the competition:

      88th Co.”Waling Death” eSports Club [Spain]
      Armalusa Portugal Arma 3 Team [Portugal]
      НA [CCCP] [Russian Federation]
      KND.Squad [Russian Federation]
      GRU Russia [Russian Federation]
      Jaguar [Ucrain/Russia]
      Red Mosquitoes [Russia]
      FRWL [Russia]
      5hPK [Russia]

    The first round will be played between 21 and 27 of September. For more information, please visit our website http://www.esportsmasters.org. Join now and enroll your team BEFORE Sunday the 14th of September 2015!

    Team registration: ESM™ | A-Series World League 2015 CTF team inscription
    League Rules: ESM™ | A-Series World League 2015 CTF rules
    Download maps: WIP

    Feel free to join the community! Follow and join us at:

    ✓ Steam: ESM_Info
    ✓ Twitter: @ESM_Info
    ✓ BIS Group: Electronic Sports Masters™

    We would like to emphasize that all events are the work done by and for the community, which are open to new proposals and modalities provided that can be implemented in a competitive environment.

    GL &HL

    Electronic Sports Masters™ | Where the challenge begins …

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