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    It is the plan to make two different Arma3 servers. One unmodded server that only allows client side mods like JSRS & Blastcore. The other server will also have some mods to brighten up the game with extra maps from ArmA2 and maybe more. If you have any suggestions for or questions about the server please post them here!

    Note: You will find the server IP & TeamSpeak3 IP’s on the server page & the bottom of the front page!

    Allowed client side modifications (not installed on server)
    CBA beta4 & beta5
    JSRS v2.0 & 2.1
    Speed Of Sound v2
    Blastcore v0.3
    Shacktack HUD v14.3.2
    VTS Weaponresting v0.5
    Adjustable FullScreen NightVision v11
    Head Range Plus v1.1

    Allowed client side modifications (installed on server)
    CBA beta 5
    ASR AI v0.9.1

    Name: Battlegroup-=XTRA=-NOMODS
    Server network port: 2322
    Standard difficulty setting: Veteran modus

    Required mods
    TaskForceRadio mod v9.1


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    Great news for all the entire -=XTRA=-community & friends who are fan of Arma3. With the historic merge of the GITS & -=XTRA=- gaming communities we are now part of an even larger community that also has a dedicated A3 Domination game server (modded server). Also this most famous Arma3 mission is now developed right here within these very walls.
    This is why we will remove (make passworded or turn off) the Battlegroup-=XTRA=-Modded server for the public as we could use more players on the new Domination server. If you would like to play this awesome mission just join the new server or join us on Teamspeak for an unforgettable experience.

    XTRA-Domination [Mods] Server
    Name: Battlegroup-=XTRA=- A3 Domination
    Server IP adess:
    Server network port: 3302
    Standard difficulty setting: Veteran modus
    Required mods: C-130J mod 1.22
    CTRG Vehicles and Aircraft mod 1.1



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    On the dedicated box that runs (primarily) our Domination edit, the following server keys are installed.

    As signature checking is turned on, only these mods are allowed.

    • CBA_a3_rc4
    • kimi_gerald
    • NSS_AC_V1.6
    • L_ES
    • rhs_afrf
    • shacktac
    • SOSE
    • SOSP
    • TKY
    • vts_key

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    Note that this thread refers specifically to the server we call Amy – the one the former GITS guys bought with us when we joined XTRA.

    The following addons have their keys installed on the server and are allowed.


    XTRA Bullet Hits Value


    Kimis Helo HUD

    VTS Weapon Resting

    MRB Voice stop

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