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    F-35B Lightning II


    F-16A 313sqn Tigerteam 2010 Edition J-222


    F16A Nato Tigerteam 2012


    F-16A Falcon Demoteam 2013 + Smokewinders


    F-16A Falcon Demoteam 2008


    F-16A Falcon ‘The first Dutch Falcon’ J-229


    F16A/M 50 Years 323sqn (J-248)


    F16A/M 60 Years 323sqn (DirtyDiana, J-881)


    F-16A Falcon 2013 Toned down skin (J-061/064)


    F-16A Falcon 322sqn (J-873)


    Northrop F-5 Freedom Fighter


    Pilatus PC-7 Turbo Trainer


    Hercules C-130H


    P-3C Orion


    MQ9 Predator


    Raven mini UAV


    NH-90 NFH


    AS-532U2 Cougar MK II


    AH-64D Apache


    Westland Lynx


    Messerschmitt BO105




    AB-412 SP SAR No.303 Squadron


    Ch-47D Chinook D-101 ‘The Philly Connection’


    Ch-47D Chinook D-662 ‘Lady Liberty’ & D-669


    Ch-47F Chinook D-892



    Leopard 2a6






    Cheetah (1A2)




    M-113 & M-577


    The Fox


    Patria XA-188


    Boxer MRAV


    MIM-104 Patriot Missle Systems


    M270 MLRS


    M109A3 Paladin


    Caterpillar Dozer


    DAF Trucks


    Scania R500


    Mercedes Unimog


    VW4 Transporter


    RG-31 Nyala MRAP






    Mercedes Wolf 240, 250 + 265




    Dirtbikes & ATV’s


    SUV & BMW7 (VIP)



    De Zeven Provinciënklasse Frigates


    De Hollandklasse frigates


    WalrusClass Submarine


    Hr. Ms. opnemingsvaartuig Luymes


    Landing Craft Utility


    Patrol Boats


    Special Operation Craft (SOC-R)




    Amphibious assault Craft + Life Raft + Inflatable Boat
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    Army Men & Woman






    KMAR VW Transporter




    Pierce KME Ladder Fire Rescue


    Scania Fire Rescue


    Volvo Fire Rescue


    Skoda Octavia FireFighter


    Ford F350 Ambulance


    Sprinter Ambulance


    ANWB BO105


    NLD Coastguard CL415


    LifeGuard RHIB + Zodiac


    NS Carriages & Diesel Loc. (Dutch Railroad)


    NS & PTT Railroad Wagons


    City Bus (Connexxion lijn 300)


    KLM & AERCAP Airbus A320


    Cessna 185 Skywagon (KLM)


    KLM BO105


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    Downloads (1.00 (28-may-2016):

    Arma2: Combined Operations 1.62 beta or 1.63

    The PBO and Sign files in the archive need to be extracted into your ArmA/Addons folder.
    However the mod folder method is the better solution.
    Copy the following URL into your browser to view a Mod Folder Tutorial : http://tinyurl.com/armamodfolder

    Features over 1000 custom additions
    Custom units, weapons & equipment
    Custom planes, choppers, trucks, cars, bikes, ATV’s, APC’s, tanks, ships & trains
    Custom intro & music, loading screens & texts, map markers, flags & editor unit groups
    Custom island, single- & multi player missions

    F-16A First Dutch Falcon (J-229),
    F-16A Demoteam 2008 (J-055) & 2013 (J-015, 313sqn) + Smokewinders,
    F-16A Tigerteam 2010 & 2012 Edition (313sqn, J-222),
    F-16A 50 & 60 Years 323sqn Edit. “Dirty Diana”(J-248 + J-881),
    F-16A Fighters (J-061/064 322sqn, J-873 + J-251 323sqn),
    F-35B Lightning II (F-001),
    C-130H Hercules (G-273, 275, 781, 998),
    P-3C Orion,
    PC-7 Pilatus Turbo Trainer,
    AH-64D Apaches,
    CH-47(D & F) Chinook (D-101, D-662 & D-892),
    AB-412 (SP SAR 303sqn R-01) & UH-1Y,
    NH-90 NFH, AS-532U2 Cougar MK II, Lynx,
    Towing tractors,
    Male & Female Pilots & Crewman

    MBT Leopard 2A6, Cheetah AA & CV-90-35 & 40
    Boxer, Patria XA-188, The Fox, YPR, M113, M577,
    M109A3 Paladin & MLRS,
    T810, Scania R500 & Unimog Support Trucks, Caterpillar,
    RG31 Nyala, HMMWV, GD240 & G250 Wolf, Land Rover,
    VW4, Sprinter, M1030, TT650, ATV,
    Male & Female soldiers

    De Zeven Provinciën-class frigates,
    De Hollandklasse frigates,
    WalrusClass Submarines,
    25mm, 76mm & rocket ships,
    RHIBs, SOCR & Life Raft,
    Navy Crewman

    YPR, VW4 & units

    Guard dogs,
    Raven UAV (Backpack),
    SUV, BMW7,
    Scania R500 Fire Rescue truck,
    Ammo crates, combat Goggles & Backpacks,
    Static Weapons,
    National & Army Flags

    Pierce, Scania, Volvo & Skoda Fire Rescue & Crew,
    Mercedes Sprinter & Ford F350 Ambulances & Crew,
    Commercial Airbus A319 & A320 (KLM & AirCap) + Captain & Stewardess,
    Kustwacht CL415,
    Dutch train & Crew

    Included in the modfiles
    [SP] Dutch Assault (@) by: Rick de Jong v1.0

    [SP]APOCALYPSE/LOST by: markb50k

    [MP+SP]Planned Assault by: _William


    [MP]32 ACE MSO DAF vs TK+TK ins 4.5 rc3.1 by: Rommel, friznit, highhead, kieran, Tupolov, wolffy.au, zorrobyte (=KCT=BlackMamba Edit.)
    Requirements: ACE, ACRE, Fayshkhabur

    [MP][XTRA] Patrol Ops 2.04 ACE DAF by: roy86 ([TDNL] Edit.)
    Requirements: ACE, ACRE, EOD

    [MP]Airmobile Assault by: [TDNL]Nimster
    Requirements: Helmand Valley, FFA Terrorists, RAF Chinook CH2

    [MP][XTRA]_ACE_Insurgency_150100 by: Pogoman & Fireball & Kol9yN (edit by [TDNL]Spliffz)
    Requirements: ACE, Dingor, Lingor or Fallujah

    Related Links:







    DAF Pictures @ PhotoBucket (day0 to 08-2013)

    DAF Pictures @ PhotoBucket (08-2013 till 09-2014)

    DAF Pictures @ PhotoBucket (09-2014 till now..)

    Royal Netherlands Military Pictures archive @ BG-=XTRA=-

    Dutch Armed Forces Community Group @ Battlegroup-=XTRA=-



    戦闘機や戦車、潜水艦がある Arma 2 用オランダ軍 MOD が v1.00 で Bushmaster を追加

    In het Nederlands (In Dutch):


    Armaholic forums (Nederlandse Versie)

    Deze Pagina in het Nederlands

    Textures By:

    F-16A Falcon Demoteam 2013 (J-015)
    F-16A Falcon Demoteam 2008 (J-055)
    F-16A Tigerteam 2010 (J-222)
    F-16A ‘The first Dutch Falcon’ (J-229)
    Lots of pilots & Engineers
    The Fox

    CH-47 Chinook D-101
    Boxer 8×8

    F-35B Lightning II (RNLAF, F-001)

    F-16A 60 Years 323sqn “Dirty Diana” (J-881)
    F-16 J-873 (correction)

    Crewchief and helicopter pilot

    Vilas: Mega contributor
    hcpookie & John Spartan: Rocketpods, pilars & lots of modeling
    GranQ: CV-9035 model upgrade
    markb50k: some help with Mod converting, bug fixing, testing & advice
    -=XTRA=-Eggbeast: EB_Misslebox [Vehicle & weapon refining]
    -=XTRA=-Gooz3: F-16 Falcon Upgrade & Cheetah weapon systems and sound
    -=XTRA=-Tox1m: Smokewinder Script (org script by OksmanToH)

    Logo artists:
    Aart & -=XTRA=-Rico

    Thanks To:
    Bohemia Interactive Studio: ArmA2: Complete
    Vilas: CV90, XA-188, M109A3, AIFV/YPR765, M577, Unimog, VW4, BMW7,
    Skoda, Sprinter, Many Troops, Diemaco’s, FN MAG58, HK416 & Spike
    Aeneas2020, DDAM, Lord Jarhead, Dimitri Harkov, Binkowski, Eki,(Sic-Disaster), raven DK, Enad:
    Royal Netherlands Army v5.2
    Mankyle & Arremba San Zorzo of Pedagnemod Team, Gnat & Mandoble (Navy Crew & Ships)
    AMT & Bundeswehr Teams: Wolf, FOX, Leopard, Gepard (v1.41 + v1.7)
    BWMOD Team: Fennek & more (arma1 v1.0)
    Marseille77: MP-59, SIG226, M109A3, Austra Mod v1.22, Overall, General Guba & Angelina
    hcpookie: Special Operations Craft 3.0, Deployable Camo Nets 2.0, Traincab v1.1
    Konyo: MH-47E v1.3, Airbus A320 v1.3 + A319 Hostage Situation 1.0
    [FRL]Myke & Footmunch: F-16 & Missile pack v1.2 fixed & v3.51
    Michael Haegele: F-16 Falcon Demoteam 2010 for FSX
    VXR: F-16 Falcon RNLAF v 0.9 beta
    Matt Brewer: F-16 Sound Enhancement 2Beta
    NZDF CRASH: AH-64D RNLAF v1, C130H v3, P-3C Orion V22
    Slatts & Footmunch: Embraer Super Tucano (PC-9)
    Slatts: ESS Goggles Pack 2.0
    RobberHammer: HK416 v1.21, P90 v1.0 & UH1 Sound
    SchnapsdroSel: Female US Soldier & diver beta3
    OFrP & MAF2Ext Team: NH-90 + Super Puma v3.0
    Stiltman & ExplosiveAids: RG-31 Nyala v1.0
    CheyenneAh56: AB-412 Rescue & CL415 v beta
    _William: Foliage Camouflage System v1.0
    Donny: Panzerfaust 3 disposable RC1.3
    ADOGMC: Boussole Silva compass v0.1
    Meatball0311 & yurapetrov: Pilots
    Sigma-6: Mercedes Wolf 240GD v2.2
    -Martin-: OSShD-Y Train Carriages
    Feint: RQ-11 Raven mini-UAV v1.6
    Bravo93: Land Rover ambulance
    Mondkalb: MBG Caterpillar 1.0
    AZCoder & Warden_1: GPS v0.2
    IceWindo: Hazmat Units v1.0
    Trouble: AAC Lynx Mk7 v1.2
    OOPz & P:UKF: L115A3 v1.01
    DDAM: Scania truck
    ZYsd: Boxer 1.2 beta
    Clayman: Dogs v1.2
    GNAT: Waves
    Many many others that must have been forgot….
    Special Thanks To:
    Vilas [Mega contributor]
    Eggbeast [Mod & weapon refining]
    GranQ [Advice and model upgrades]
    markb50k [Lots of advice and great mission]
    -=XTRA=-Tox1m [Excellent Smoke script]


    v1.00 (06-05-2016)
    -added: [MP] Op. Irene, Indian and Hit & Run By TangoDown DAF Edit.
    -added: [MP] [ACE] COOP 09 WARPIG By Kolmain DAF Edit.
    -added: [MP] XTRA Operation Sandbox DAF edit.
    -added: loading screens & music variant
    -added: Bushmaster PWS ECM Mag58 APC
    -added: officer berret & powerGenerator (15kW)
    -added: firedep., red cross, NAVO, EU & Unit. Nations flags
    -added: M113 ACAV & ambulance versions
    -added: KLM tow tracktor goldhofer & AH-64 mini A2 maps
    -added: ground crew orange jacket & firefighter with helmet
    -added: LandRover Fire Dep. & ambulance
    -added: Wolf GD240 desert camo & grafitti NS train
    -updated: Wolf GD240 & G250 textures & config typo
    -updated: LandRover & Scania EMS textures
    -updated: ANWB Bus & ground grew green jacket textures
    -updated: the Fox texture corruption & fennek missing config
    -updated: replaced A319 army > civil version
    -updated: pilatus smoketrail script
    -updated: C-130 DAF cargo positioning & m2 ammobox texture
    -updated: vehicle weapon cargo & Bo105 random numbers removed
    -updated: apache demopilot texture & missing AH-64 icon
    -updated: sakusun brithness increase
    -updated: [MP] Insurgency params & F-16 CAS added
    -updated: moved men and woman to daf soldier/woodland/desert class
    -updated: consolidated readmes into documents xml
    -updated: all “Item listed twice” & lots of “updating bassclass” errors
    -updated: some unit names / vehicle classnames & duplicate files removed

    0.99RC (20-dec-2015)
    -added: CBA_CO v1.0.1
    -added: Evolution Gulf v3 DAF (maybe)
    -added: Insurgency ACE SOLTG vs. [MIS] ISIS Terrorists for Fallujah
    -added: Citybus GVB
    -added: SAR R-02 & R-03 added
    -updated: SAR Crewman
    -updated: Airbus now has windows
    -updated: Insurgency Dingor swimming bug
    -updated: desert pilot nohq
    -updated: another Scorpion flipped patch
    -deleted: Crew Chief (daf_crew_chief)
    -deleted: RNLAF Pilot (desert, vest) (daf_fighter_pilot)

    0.986RC (14-07-2015)
    -added: Mercedes Wolf G250 M2 in 2 camos
    -added: Insurgency ACE SOLTG vs. [MIS] ISIS Terrorists for Takistan & Dingor
    -updated: Insurgency mission & params: 200/600% AI option
    -updated: F-35 light skin markings
    -updated: missing pilot icons & config entries
    -updated: Scorpion flipped patches, nohq & smdi
    -updated: Patriot Missile system to v2.3

    0.985RC (20-06-2015)
    -added: Landing Craft Utility in 2 camos
    -added: Northrop F-5 Freedom Fighter in 3 camos
    -added: Fennek in 4 camos
    -added: Mercedes Wolf GD265 in 3 camos
    -updated: RG31 turret nightvision

    0.978RC (21-04-2015)
    -updated: some mission info
    -updated: MARKB50K_Apocalypse.pbo re-added
    -updated: typo in daf_bmw & daf_Bo105 config
    -updated: AH64 Demo pilot texture
    -updated: missing xxx_ACR
    -updated: classname xml
    -removed: rz_objects.pbo

    0.975 (20-03-2015)
    -added: spike & backpack icons
    -added: mission.pbo
    -updated: all missions
    -updated: vehicle backpack config entry & loadouts
    -updated: apache demopilot & icon
    -updated: mh47F D669 texture & specular maps
    -updated: missing daf_M119 & a few typos

    0.97 (24-02-2015)
    -added: AH-64 Apache Longbow by NodUnit & Franze + pilot
    -added: RNLAF combat & demoteam textures by NodUnit
    -added: RNLAF Pilatus Turbo Display Team 313Sqn texture
    -added: Tanya Female Soldier (desert & woodland camo)
    -added: je maintien drai & Pirate flag
    -updated: removed ACR dependency
    -updated: M119 arti computer & SRAT error
    -updated: T810 trucks texture
    -updated: BO105 weapons & sound upgrade

    0.96 (27-01-2015)
    -added: SOLTG Scorpion 1 Unit pack
    -added: Patriot missile defence systems
    -added: DAF Trucks (6x) as test object!
    -added: landrover army ambulance
    -added: BO105 (Army, KLM & ANWB / ADAC) (8x)
    -added: City Bus (Connexxion lijn 300)
    -added: M-113 Tiger Camo + BattleBox FOB (Tiger Camo)
    -added: naval mines, barricades, kayak & M109 ammo Palets
    -added: 30 ghillie colors & changer script
    -added Scania R500 Woodland Camo
    -added: RNLAF F-35 Pilot & ANWB Crewman
    -added: camp castor sign & Notice Board (360deg Taliban)
    -updated: LR KMARN texture & medic sign on various vehicles
    -updated: fox medic texture fix & missing Fremm texture
    -updated: rg31 MK19 ammo types & zeroing, daf_missilebox typos
    -updated: removed some duplicate files, small name changes

    0.945 (14-12-2014)
    -added: NLD Lifegard RHIB + Zodiac & crew (Reddingsbrigade)
    -added: Pilot in overalls + new MQ9 Reaper texture
    -added: M107 (Desert camo) & M107 ghilli snipers
    -added: Tent (white), 2 custom ammoboxes
    -added: sign (NL, 21INFCOY), Notice Board (The Netherlands)
    -added: fueltanks & barrel, toilet
    -added: Containers medic + plain
    -added: Power Generators & UAV Terminal (camo)
    -added: 40foot containers Army, P&O, Nedlloyd, Helder, KLM
    -added: Railroad: NS, PTT Wagon (post.nl) & Shell tanker
    -added: Wolf GD240 textures (green, desert)
    -updated: all ammoboxes now vehicle crates + airdrop_crate added
    -updated: C130 & PC3 Orion can now drop ammocrate
    -updated: SOCR cfg, MQ9 Reaper in multiloadout by eggbeast
    -updated: added missing L115 to sniperbox
    -updated: AH64 smdi

    0.929 (07-11-2014)
    -added: Cougar (puma transport replaced) & cougar firebucket added
    -added: C130 Captain
    -added: Dutch Army Radiochatter (mixed with UK & US chatter)
    -updated: lots of misslebox errors & missing files
    -updated: P3C Orion, A320, CL415 & pilatus added wheel brakes
    -updated: P3C Orion, C-130, A320, CL415 & pilatus added stall warning systems
    -updated: P3C Orion, C-130, A320, CL415, pilatus, AH64, CH47, Lynx, AB412, NH90 & Cougars added GPS
    -updated: AH-64 SFIR texture & missing color roundel texture
    -updated: CH47F pilot & CH47 D-892 color & details
    -updated: Lynx camo texture details & pilatus cobra removed
    -updated: f16 bumpmap (wheels & exhaust) & shiny specualmap fix
    -updated: Fox Medical symbol changed to square
    -updated: F35 specular map, tailpipe & F35 sonicboom added
    -updated: aircraftvapour script
    -updated: xml infosheet & some icons
    -updated: moved MARKB50K_Apocalypse.pbo to mission folder (GUI fix)
    > move it back to addons folder if you want to play this mission

    0.910 (05-10-2014)
    -added: CV-9040 IFV
    -added: AH64 & F35 with customizable pillars by eggbeast
    -added: mission [SP/MP] EVO by eggbeast
    -added: Airforce crew (editor) class
    -added: stinger, TOW & searchlight backpack
    -added: Dutch Army song “Lois Lane – Combat”
    -updated: M113, M252, TOW & Stinger ammo refined
    -updated: KMAR Diemaco unit now has diemaco
    -updated: Minimi recoil & Lynx sound fix
    -updated: smokewinder shadow fix
    -updated: demo F16 flarelauncher enabled
    -updated: F16 Tigerteam wheel texture
    -updated: DAF intro vehicles & music
    -updated: some small fixes & changes

    0.9001 (21-07-2014)
    -added: mission CombatAirAssault Celle day 1 & 2
    -added: 57 NLMARSOF & 27 AMB units + AMB vehicleclass
    -added: Rescue Raft (8 man)
    -added: Eggbeast’s weapons module:
    -updated: vehicle weapons, tracers, damagehandeling & sounds
    -updated: zeroing added to MG and tank turrets
    -updated: added GPS, NV, TV to tanks, paladin & aircraft
    -updated: added wheelbrake & afterburner to aircraft
    -updated: different ammo typs per vehicle and caliber
    -updated: vehicle loadouts and gear
    -updated: Lynx errors fixes by eggbeast
    -updated: Lynx & NH-90 bumpmap
    -updated: most ‘Updating base class’ errors
    -updated: SUV, M113 & MLRS plates & rover ambu patch
    -updated: Amphibious assault & IB color
    -updated: RHIB’s, SOC-R & paladin textures
    -updated: desert & female soldiers textures
    -updated: F35 SMDI, specularpower reduced
    -updated: F35 glas color + icon
    -updated: lots of vehicle & unit icons
    -updated: some editor unit groups
    -updated: missing SAR pilot icon
    -updated: A320 liferaft changed + P3C, C130 life raft added
    -removed: Air Manoeuvre Brigade (Test unit) daf_amb_1
    -removed: vin_xx AMB units (see xml for details)

    0.88 (23-06-2014)
    -added: mission co30CombatAirAssaultDAF1_4.Celle
    -added: CH47 D-669 & 2 backpack heaps
    -updated: train mixup & national textures
    -updated: sprinter ambu, CV9035 & Chinook D-662 texture
    -updated: RG-31 unshrunk textures
    -updated: changed loadout of F16 F-060 serie
    -updated: bell412 bambybucket script fix
    -updated: removed inko disposable script

    0.83 (06-06-2014)
    -added: [SP] Royal Dutch Army Patrol by jptiger
    -added: 2 Mercedes Unimogs & EMS vehicleclass
    -added: Scania R500 trucks & Land Rover Ambulance
    -added: Zr. Ms. Holland & Zr. Ms. Luymes
    -updated: Officer skins, chinook callsign tags
    -updated: Scania, Pierce, Skoda, Ford & sprinter texture
    -updated: NH-90, AB-412 SAR & crew texture
    -updated: F16 Demoteam texture & missing file
    -updated: Smokewinder smoke volume
    -updated: bmw config, two_ligths_beam mod error

    0.80 (23-04-2014)
    -added: pook traincab mod
    -added: M24 Black, 2 backpacks, rangefinder green & black
    -added: KMAR & anti air units
    -added: technician & divers
    -added: Army, Navy & Airforce Generals
    -added: fire rescue, ambulance & NS crew
    -added: Volvo & Pierce firetrucks
    -added: Ford & Mercedes Ambulances
    -added: Aerial refuelling Module
    -updated: F-35B texture (by Kazimierz)
    -updated: Elcan scope, desert patria texture
    -updated: M109A3 texture & submarine texture
    -updated: new icons, unit names, config tree & more

    0.74 (15-03-2014)
    -added: intro for most maps, 3 music tracks
    -added: compass (Boussole Silva), GPS (Foretrex 2) & Watch (Suunto)
    -added: HMMWV’s & KMARN Land Rovers & BMW 7 (VIP, Black)
    -added: KMAR YPR, KMAR Flag & VW4 KMAR + Army Camo
    -added: The Fox medic in woodland and desert camo (reintroduction)
    -added: full screen night vision & Remove enemy/friend marker blobs
    -updated: CV-9035 & CH47 D-662 texture
    -updated: Missions.pbo removed > all missions in missions folder
    -updated: Air War over Takistan MP mission
    -updated: F-16 pilot animation & proxy
    -updated: F-16 uvmap, bumpmap, afterburner animation
    -updated: M113 + YPR texture & replaced broken textures
    -updated: missing radio backpack
    -updated: Foliage Camouflage System Now v1.0
    -removed: cfgmods of camonets addon, stmapbrightness (no light afailable)
    -removed: DAF_LanciaLunga_MMI, DAF_LanciaCorta_MMI, DAF_LanciaCorta_MMI_M2

    0.67 (23-01-2014)
    -attempt: implement NEO_’s TireChange script
    -added: Navy ship & crew package! (daf_zodiac = DAF_Tender_MMI)
    -added: GNAT’s Waves Island map
    -added: CH-47D D-662 “Lady Libery” & Scania R500 military firetruck
    -added: MQ9 Predator UAV & F16A/M Nato Tigermeat 2012 (J-196)
    -added: 2 M270 MLRS, M109A3 Paladin, Wolf 240GD & SUV (BIS)
    -added: 1 radio backpack + Camo backback
    -added: 2 female, 1 male AH64 pilot (Desert camo) & reworked textures
    -added: SP mission : Dutch Assault by Rick de Jong
    -added: MP mission : Air-War Over Takistan by ANZACSAS Ron and Steve [DAF Edit].
    -updated: Land Rover texture & Special MG in desert & woodland camo
    -updated: Skoda config (added hitengine), A320 Hostage config (added CfgNonAIVehicles)
    -updated: firetruck emergencylights & sound + config (added HitRGlass + HitFuel)
    -updated: PFZ3 Ammocrate NLD labels, demography of Dutch units
    -updated: auto throw of smokegranade of new pilot
    -updated: Leopard 2A6 desert, BIS + female pilot textures
    -updated: submarine texture + added Dive & ships horn
    -updated: new groups in editor, some small fixes
    -removed: broadcast reloading (obsolete), TGW & ANZINS Weapon mods (cause lag)

    -added: Mod Installation Instructions
    -added: pistol animation replacement & Non-blinding sun mod
    -added: Two Lights Beams for vehicles mod
    -added: EasyFly_by_Celery Plane script (in pbo form)
    -added: Walrus Class Submarine (Mando Missile included) & tender
    -added: Modern Chopper pilot for NH-90 & Cougar
    -added: Fennek (WIP)
    -added: Dutch diesel locomotive & gachopin train module
    -added: SIG Sauer P226 9mm pistol & Glock G17 SD
    -added: launcher box, machinegun box, Panzerfaust3 boxes
    -added: Orange smokewinder
    -added: lots of flags
    -added: new (inko disposable) Panzerfaust3 (old: vil_Panzerfaust3 doy_Pzf3_dm22)
    -added: FN MAG 58 tripod’s & FN MAG 58 +Optics (old: vil_fnmag DAF_mag58_ELCAN)
    -updated: all MAG’s now have the same sound & Diemaco C9 has same sound
    -updated: A2020 medics can now heal
    -updated: F16 J-061 skin
    -updated: NH-90 sound, added door script
    -updated: NH-90, Cougar & AB-412 SAR & CH-47D can now use fastropes
    -updated: CH-47D can use slingropes
    -updated: replaced SAR Crew helmet (blue > green)
    -updated: Fox (NBC) now have Hazmat units as crew
    -updated: some obsolete files removed, name & config changes, new icons..

    v0.49 (21-11-2013)
    -added: Foliage camouflage system (beta) & Camo Faces (Thx to _William)
    -added: Deployable Camo Nets
    -added: Guard dogs
    -added: “Osdorp 13-3438” (Scania R500) & Skoda Octavia Firefighters
    -added: A319 Hostage Situation version
    -added /changed: Replaced AB412 SAR + added door script (new classname daf_Bell412 && daf_ab412_c = DELETED)
    -added: FN MAG Tripod backpack & MAG tripod can now be disassembled
    -added: F16A/M Demoteam 2008 (by -=XTRA=-Gooz3)
    -added: 50years 323sqn edition & J-061 till 064 (toned down skin) 2013
    -updated: new F-16 Demoteam 2013 (by -=XTRA=-Gooz3) & New Exhaust for all F-16
    -updated: Smokewinder (other temporary model)
    -updated: Texture errors of the UH1-Y & F-16 (vxr_f16nld + Tiger)
    -updated: CH-47F Texture & lift script: most carried vehicles now visible & Wolf added to the list
    -updated: KLM A319 & A320, some pilots, CV-9035, AIFV/YPR765’s, Leopard 2A6 & Diemaco Camo textures
    -updated: UH1-Y sound (by RobertHammer)
    -updated: cfgpatches of daf_raven.pbo (from MicroAirVehicles to > DAF_MicroAirVehicles) for compatibility reasons
    -updated: cfgpatches of daf_weapons.pbo (from M32Variant to > daf_M32Variant) for compatibility reasons
    -updated: Airplanes now have own config group
    -updated: All missions to current DAF version &added missions to a .pbo for easy use
    -updated: Some small script fixes, name changes & new unit icons

    v0.40 (02-10-2013)
    -added: RNLAF First Dutch Falcon F-16 (by -=XTRA=-Gooz3)
    -added: RNLAF F-35B Lightning II (F-001)
    -added: RNLAF CH-47F Chinook (D,892)
    -added: P-3 Orion V22 in two different colors
    -added: UH-1Y
    -added: M113 (MG: desert & woodland & camo) & M577 HQ
    -added: Landrover (Normal + Special)
    -added: Remington 870 Shotgun & MP59 (UZI)
    -added: SOC-R
    -updated: RNLAF F16 Tiger Team texture (Final)
    -updated: AMB leader faction config entry mixup & AMB voices now British
    -updated: Leopard now has tank crew

    v0.30 (11-01-2013)
    -added: P90 by RobertHammer in 8 variants
    -added: C130H (by CRASHNZ) in 7 versions > daf_c130h
    -added: INKO Disposable (by Inkompetent v1.3)
    -added: two ammoboxes & two backpacks (DDAM mod items) & 334sqn flag
    -updated: Raven UAV to v1.6 & Hazmat units to v1.0
    -updated: F16 demo: smoke replaced with ‘the smokewinder script’by -=XTRA=-Tox1m, added navi lights
    -updated: daf_f16_paint config missing “;”,
    -updated: Boxer License plate number & Fox desert skin
    -updated: Towtruck sound config, KLM captain speaker appointed
    -updated: daf_scrips configsound typo’s & Leopard now has NV
    -updated: updating base class randomness in lots of configs
    -updated: Boat Rescue_Para now hidden in editor (double entry)
    -removed: amb vilas test baret unit
    -removed: daf_c130 pbo & C130J_US_EP1 classname
    -removed: DAF_Phanzerfaust incl. DAF_PzF_3 & DAF_PzF_3T ammo (use Vilas version)
    -removed: some obsolete files here and there

    v0.251 (16-12-2012) (hotfix)
    -updated: glt falcon class (not fixed in last patch)
    -updated: a2020_dutch_infantry package error (thanks to Sickboy)

    v0.25 (15-12-12)
    -added: RG31 Nyala, Westland Lynx
    -added: Towtrucks, dirtbikes, ATVs & boats
    -added: F16 tigermeet pilot + 4 others & Hazmat units (hazmat =beta!)
    -added: tank crewman, desert crewman, desert engineer & ground crew
    -added: L115A3 pack, FN mag58, C8 AG Elcan & C8 Aimpoint (normal and desert camo)
    -added: custom loading texts
    -updated: F16 Demoteam to shiny version without bomb holders
    -updated: loading screens, mod icon & RNLAF flag
    -updated: Leopard muzzleflash & targeting
    -updated: NH90 sound, texture & shadows
    -updated: Patria texture + Patria & CV90 nohq’s
    -updated: fuch rename > The FOX & tactical sign change to NBC
    -updated: glt_f16 + glt_falcon now both in cfgpatch
    -updated: Pilot texture problem & backpack function, added Engineer patches
    -updated: Slatts goggles pack v2.0
    -updated: daf_raven parts, flags & static weapons now have specific group in editor
    -updated: static have dutch units as crew
    -updated: name correction: CAS > CAP (F16 classname is now the same as the .xml)
    -removed: addon: daf_cougar_c (merged with daf_cougar)
    -removed: addon: daf_static (merged with daf_ammobox)
    -removed: class: A2020_M249 , A2020_m249p , A2020_m249pelcan (replaced by C9 minime’s)
    -some other small fixes probably…

    v0.2 (08-11-2012)
    -added: F16A/M 322sqn (J-873 & J-251) in CAS and AG loadout (J-251 (VXR’s skin)
    -added: Unit Groups for the Editor
    -added: Map icon Dutch faction & Flags of Dutch Armies
    -added: A320 AERCAP (commercial airliner) > removed the second A320KLMAF
    -added: 6 new backpacks & Static Weapon Backpacks
    -added: C9 (aimpoint & iron sights)
    -added: Ten T810 Trucks (incl: Repair, refuel, ammo) desert and woodland camo (temp.)
    -added: female & AMB Unit (OA Based unit as test)w
    -added: 2 Assistant ATGM soldiers
    -added: Caterpillar D7H
    -updated: C9 Elcan texture and weaponlist entry
    -updated: Ammobox contents
    -updated: F-16 Tiger team [FINAL] (-=XTRA=-Gooz3)
    -updated: F-16 (J-873) (VXR) decals and paintjob correction (Arthur Vince)
    -updated: F-16 wreckage config problem
    -updated: Vehicle tacticalsigns to 1/103 (was 5/403)
    -updated: Tank class & CV-9035 config problems (thanks to markb50k)
    -updated: Cheetah Sound
    -renamed: daf_klm pbo > daf_units; vxr, tiger, diana & demoteam > daf_f16_paint;
    m32_variant > daf_weapons; Smokewinder > daf_smokewinder (pbo move only, classnames unchanged!)
    -removed: the second A320KLMAF (new classname = A320CAP2)

    v0.113 (23-10-2012)
    -added: F-16A Falcon 323sqn “Dirty Diana” 2001 & 2008/09 (J-881) (Arthur Vince)
    -added: daf_amb (Air Manoeuvre Brigade (Red Berets)) thx to Vince
    -added: retexture of crewchief and helicopter pilot (thx to Tuttie[TDLu])
    -added: A2020 model based desert and temperate officer
    -added: Matt Brewer’s F-16 Sound replacement
    -added: AS-532U2 Cougar MK II
    -added: CV9035 turn-out function (thx to GranQ)
    -added: train carriages
    -added: vapor trails script
    -updated: F-16 Tigermeet J-222 by -=XTRA=-Gooz3!
    -updated: Cheetah weaponclass & glt_flacon > glt_f16 config name change (issues)
    -updated: Leopard & Cheetah texture (thx to Pilgrim[TDLu])
    -updated: Leopard & Fuchs ACE support functions
    -updated: AH64 Flares & gunner Termal-Imaging fixed
    -updated: Fuchs Interior text replaced. medic Fuchs > NLD special service Fuchs (Nato & desert camo) all other Fuchs removed
    -updated: configs classes & units inside vehicles
    -removed: second F16 Tigersquad: new classname: daf_tiger_f16nld

    v0.112 (10-10-2012)
    -added: [WIP] RNLAF F-16 Falcon Demoteam 50anniversery edit. J-222 (by -=XTRA=-Gooz3)
    -added: Patria in desert and woodland skin
    -added: Slatts ESS Goggles Pack, Dimaco C9 Minime Elcan + Aimpoint
    -added: C8 desert camo, M32 black & desert camo, lots of stuff to the ammo crate
    -added: RNLAF Fighter pilot, Engineer, KLM Pilot & Stewardess
    -updated: Cheetah Guns and added antitank rounds (by -=XTRA=-Gooz3)
    -updated: CV9035 & YPR texture (by Pimmie)
    -updated: genericnames for units updated, list of generic Dutch female names & baseclass units
    -updated: C7 & C8 firemode fullauto to burst mode & display icons
    -updated: NL unit flag, Fighter pilot helmets & some unit weapon layouts (AIAW)
    -updated: Phz3 & HK-416 hand animations, some vehicle classes, modfolder and names, icons etc.
    -updated: misslebox to latest version
    -updated: credits
    -removed: “DAF_Crew_Wdl_ACR”,”DAF_Soldier_Crew_EP1″,”DAF_Soldier_Crew_Light_EP1″

    v0.111 (22-09-2012)

    -added: Aart’s CH-47 retex
    -updated: KLM A319 Skin
    -updated: Super Tucano Skin
    -replaced: the Boxer skin
    -some small fixes

    v0.11 (19-09-2012)
    -removed: xtra_gps & llwdaf & SSG69 (for now)
    -added: new chinook texture
    -added: smokewinderscript (updated F16 and cfg) thanks to -=XTRA=-Tox1m
    -f16 demoteam: pilot class created, visor fixed & helmet updated
    -fixed: cfgfaces error
    -fixed: A319 cabin error
    -fixed: DAF definition & RNLAF faction error

    v0.1 (15-09-2012)
    first closed beta

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    GetLikeVIPXTRA VeteranFriends

    Found these semi working old DAF trucks from a ‘long gone’ modteam called the Lowland Warriors. You cannot enter the vehicles in A2 and i have not found any other usable vehicles inside the mod but maybe it can be used to make a nice ArmA2 worthy Dutch Forces mod.


    I’ve done some more research and this is what ive got so far:

    -DualJoe of the BIS community is making the Dutch Grebbeberg – WIP terrain

    -Cyborgsoldier found this reskin somewhere :


    -[strike]But it look nothing like the originals so i guess we gonna have to redo this one too![/strike]

    !Correction: this is a totaly different Chinook!

    Here are some pictures of what i’m working on at the moment (while i was away). This retexture is only 50% done so there is much left to do.
    Also we need to make a list of all the DAF vehicles and start collecting images / textures
    here: Royal Dutch Army

    More pic’s : Press here


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    Here I Retextured the Mercedes Wolf From the Bundeswher Mod to the Mercedes Wolf From the Royal netherlands Army here are the pictures only the Lincence plate dident work im fixing that Still (Work in Progress) XD Love to say that but here are the begin pictures of the vehicle








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    What Do we need for the Dutch Armed Forces :
    -Scania Trucks From FDF (Need Retexture) WIP
    -Boxer From Armaholic (Need Retexture) WIP
    -Fuchs From BWMod (Gooz Retexture) Done (Permission Yes)
    -Leopard 2a6 From BWMod (Need Retexture) WIP (Permission Yes)
    -Merceds Wolf From AMT Mod (CyborgSoldier retexture) WIP (Permission Yes)
    -Chinook RAF Chinook,ARMA 2 (CyborgSoldier and Larsiano Retexture) WIP
    -C-130 From ARMA 2-OA (Larsiano retexturing) WIP
    -Dutch Army Units From Armaholic (Already Have Units) Done
    -Gepard 1A2 From AMT Mod (Need Retexture) WIP (Permission Yes)
    -Apache From Armaholic (Already got Retextured by) Done
    -F16 From ArmaHolic (Already got retextured by) Done
    -Scania Truck From FDF Mod (Need Permission and Retexture) WIP
    -CV90 From Norwegian Military Mod (Need Permission and retexture) WIP

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    have u guys checked the Danish Devence Mod @DDAM ??

    maybe if u could get permission from them to use their uber nice vehicles?
    their vehicles are realy quality stuff like nice exteriors/interiors and works.
    they have allot of stuff we… our army uses, like the MAN/Scania? trucks “not shure”, Leopoards, Mercedes Benz, etc etc.

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    Hi guys, just joined after seeing you started working on the Dutch Armed forces! awesome project! was also wondering if you were gonna add the ‘fennek’ some how. also, you just ask the guys from ‘austalians at war’ about the bushmaster, and maybe make a dutch reskin of the ‘boxer’ that you can download from the armaholic website links:


    and PS, i think NL used/uses these too (not sure)




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    Ya Jimba22 Nice you found the vehicles actually we tested the Boxer Vehicle it needs alot of work i made some pictures of the boxer
    you see on the inside it needs alot of work :(
    I tryed to retexture this vehicle but its hard to texture this Boxer alot of things need to chance or fix
    but here is the test






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    I think it looks good man!
    btw i dont think were gonna find the Fennek anywhere, are we going to have to make it from scratch?

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    The Fennec will be added for sure. There are a couple of candidates for this and Dday is helping us realize this part of the mod.
    I found a way to add icons to a mod folder (incl. the @DAF_Mod) and a link to the website.

    Ive also been working on a readme and am trying to contact the other addon makers (Myke, FDF_Mod ,Swedish and French forces mod makers) for permission to use their mods.

    Hopefully the great response we got from the ArmA2 community thanks to Armaholic can help us with realizing this mod in an even better manner. So if you would like to help out just drop a message!

    !! This just in !!

    These fine jeeps will be donated to us by the people of http://task-force-141.de/ many thanks to them and Dday for his help in this matter.


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    Royal Netherlands Air Forces Apache Helicopter (Work in Progress)





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    We Were talking about in Teamspeak The Royal netherlands airforces F16 the Demoteam version i trying to Skin it here are some Work in progress pictures you will see i need to scale some things :)

    (Work in Progress)





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    Hi all,

    I would like to know where you got the Dutch Armed Forces logo from?


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    It was borrowed from TangoDown because we havened made any banners etc. yet of our own. So we can use some help on that front. Any suggestions? Maybe its better to redo the thing because the font that was used is not the prettiest. It was made with the first Dutch flag you can find on Google so i thought it would be oké?

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