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    Hi Guys,

    sorry for my long absence, but now i’ve got a new job and hopefully some more time for gaming and simming.

    I made a new album on my profile in which u can see and read how my sim pits evolved.

    ATM i play alot DCS A-10 and sometimes ArmA2 OA on a nice german server from bierAIG community. I tried some tims to connect to our Xtra servers but most of times it didn’t work somehow. I’ll try again some time.

    See on Battlefield or in the Skies,

    IceMan, Out

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    Heey Iceman! your simpit is lookin real nice, wanting to buid my own some day:) the OA server might sometimes give a “connection failed”in that case you have you connect to the ip on the server page manually. I’m working on the problem as we speak. I have not yet tried the DCS A-10 game but i will surely give it a try! Talk to ya soon!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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