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    Hey guys with the advent of our new xtra racing game event; GTR 2 (which can be downloaded by follow the instructions on our forum, XTRA members only), I am on the look out for a good cheap steering wheel with pedals (under 40 pounds/ 50 euro or $50-$60). I have never owned a steering wheel except a old Xbox one (which i am going to try and modify tonight to work with my PC), so any recommendations would greatly be appreciated.

    Thanks Madboy

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    I am not the biggest expert on steering wheels but i have experience in buying a suitable one for myself. I bought a Logitech Formula force for about 70 euro and after 1 hour of playing already gave up on it because of its bad impulse reaction and hollow build. After returning it the next day 1 added another 100 euro just to get the Microsoft FF wheel that does exactly what you expect of it and more. Except for the price this is a great wheel if you like driving games (very cheap second-hand). My brother who was on the Dutch Formula 1 racing league got himself a Logitech Momo that he liked to use during official league games until it broke a year later but i believe that is the ultimate wheel especially the first version with the metal (red) wheel.

    The best: Logitech G25 (to expensive)


    Very nice: MS USB wheels (very cheap second-hand), Logitech Momo (metal or plastic version)

    The worst: Logitech Formula force = completely plastic, has a weak FF motor and bad sensors


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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