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    They are 2 Ways to add Mods/Addons to Arma 3 via Steam Workshop or by Hand

    Method 1:

    Steam Workshop

    Go to the Arma 3 Steam Workshop and look for any Mods/Addons you like. When you found one, just click on subscribe

    This will download you the Mod/Addon in the right place and available in the Launcher

    After the Download is finished you are able to enable/disable the Mod/Addon in your Arma3 Launcher.

    through this method updates will be done automatically and thats why i recommend this method over the other.

    Method 2:

    By Hand

    The best sources for downloading any Mod/Addon is armaholic.com or the homepage of the Mod/Addon itself.

    After you finished your download you will get a ZIP/RAR File, extract the Archive

    Most Mods/Addons are named with an “@” infront of the actual Name e.g. “@ace” or “@CBA_A3”

    If this is not the case just check the content of the folder. You will need to have a Addons Folder in that folder, in that Addons folder you will find some .pbo & .bisign files. This is the correct structure for the Mods/Addons.

    Take this Folder and paste it to you Steam -> steamapps -> common -> Arma 3 Folder

    Start the Arma 3 Launcher -> Mods -> Click on the Folder Icon with the +

    Mark the Folder with the “@” and click ok

    Now you have the Mod/Addon loaded and you are able to enable/disable it any time

    For any updates to any Mod/Addon you will have to delete all old files of the Mod/Addon and redo all the steps with the new Version

    Have Fun

    Any Question down below 😉

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