Selling a Pair of ATI 4870 x2 with water blocks

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    Hi guys i am currently selling a pair of ATI 4870 X2 graphics cards with water blocks (can supply the coolers if you need them). They are in good working order (no box) and will be package in anti-static bags and sent with foam protection.

    Graphics Card – HIS 4870 X2 (reference design)
    Water block – EK 4870 X2 water block

    Please PM me or reply to the message if you are interested (reasonable offers only please).

    Will ship the EU (Delivery can be negatiated)

    This graphics card is a top of the range super high end card which will play Arma 2 at 45-60 fps (with a good processor)

    Pictures will be added tonight in my picture gallery

    Thanks Madboy

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    These are some mad cards aspecialy in Crossfire! And watercooling is the best out-there, if you dont have a waterloop yet this can be setup quite cheap if you have a waterblock that is (supplied with this card).

    Why are they for sale / What card(s) will they be replaced by?
    Do you have the receits, box, cd, extras?
    What is the minimal required power supply needed for one / two cards?
    Do you sell the cards seperatly?
    What price in euro’s are you thinking off?
    How much is shipping to Holland?

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    Ok here is a bit more info about the cards. The cards got replaced about a couple of months back by a pair of ATI 5870 in CF, these a mint cards.
    Only just getting round to selling them recently though (been very busy)

    1) The cards are sold without the box, all connectors and manuals can be supplied (just say what you need, i will have it)
    2) minimum power supply for both cards in cf is 850w (500w for a single card), PLEASE ensure it is good quality PSU with two dedicated 12v rails. If in doubt check if it a enemax, seasonic, corsair or some other repitible make (PM if you are unsure)
    3) The cards can be sold seperately or as a set piece (with or without the coolers)
    4) Price per card is 241 euros (with water blocks) or 450 euros for 2
    5) Delivery to Holland – between 35-40 euro (2 day parcel force delivery with insurance)


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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